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iToddle - Quran Buddy (Quran Pod)

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Quran Buds Pre-loaded with the following reciters & content:

1. Sheikh Shuraim Full Quran
2. Sheikh Shatri Full Quran
3. Sheikh Maher Full Quran
4. Sheikh Al afasy Full Quran
5. Sheikh Al qatami Full Quran
6. Sheikh Sudais Full Quran
7. 13 Line Full Quran
8. 15 Line Full Quran
9. Full Quran in Quarters by Shuraim
10. Manzil & Ruqya
11. Nasheeds
All Quran Buds have the same content
Listen to the Quran through the wireless earbuds or the built in loudspeaker
Available in black or white

Perfect for Hafiz or Quran student.

Please ensure your USB Plug Is a Maximum of 5V 1A power output. 

Now available to personalise